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UX Design & Research

My philosophy for User Experience is that Empathy and Function should be the most important aspects of any design. I graduated from UNT with a BFA in Communication Design, focusing on User Experience. My work varies from design-centered to research-driven projects, most of which I design in Figma and Adobe Xd.

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For All Major Home Appliances

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My UX Design Process

In my studies at the University of North Texas, I was challenged with many UX Design projects that required different deliverables, tasks, and research. In my time working through these projects, I developed my strategy for tackling problems that I have carried with me into my work after undergrad.

The first step to beginning a project is to understand. You cannot know what the system needs, or come up with any viable solutions if you do not study said system and its current state. This is crucial to understanding the system’s purpose, and how it works to achieve that purpose. The second step I take when tackling a project is to assess its needs. After a solid understanding is developed we can assess which parts of the system how the system as a whole is affected by those conflicts. The next step I take is to investigate those conflicts. With knowledge of the system's purpose and an understanding of how and why the system isn’t working as efficiently as possible, I can begin brainstorming possible solutions. After investigating, I can then turn those developed solutions into mock-ups or a prototype to explore its practicality. This may lead to some trial and error, which is encouraged to create the most effective outcome. Once the designs are finished and the prototype is complete, it’s time to test. We conduct user testing to understand what aspects of the design work or don’t. User testing and gives us the information needed to correct and improve the system before it’s finalized.

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